August is upon us, my friends. As I sit here penning this letter to you this month, I can honestly say I have no idea how we got here so fast. Year after year it seems to go faster and faster. Hundreds of issues of STRIPLV have gone to the presses (144 to date), and sometimes it’s hard to fight the urge that publishing month after month has a monotonous feel to it. Creating fresh ideas, hitting deadlines, editing content and imagery it sometimes becomes tiresome. But the creative part of the journey day after day is utterly fulfilling. I genuinely love and enjoy celebrating the female art form, and celebrating women on all levels. What really helps and drives me is the love and feedback we get from our readers and fans. When I get letters like the one we recently received from subscriber Adam Nielsen, who told us that he loves STRIPLV so much that he decided it was time to cancel his long-standing subscription to Playboy Magazine. Our dedicated team works extremely hard month after month to bring you the highest quality content that we can deliver. We believe that we are filling a niche that needs to be fulfilled and our increased readership from month to month is proving us right on these thoughts. To hear such rave reviews from our readers and fans is humbling, and satisfying at the same time. Thanks, Adam. We will keep bringing out our best and continue publishing the sexiness on our pages of STRIPLV every month. Look for our special edition hardcover art book coming in December 2018.

Enjoy the issue


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