Helping Jewish Singles Connect on December 24th

While Jewish Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers are settling in for a night of Chinese takeout and movies this Christmas Eve, the Jewish urban 18-34 crowd will be dancing and flirting the night away at the 31st annual MatzoBall – a series of multi-city lavish parties at top nightclub venues, where young Jewish singles party till dawn with the hope of finding the one.

It all began when founder, Andy Rudnick, organized his first Christmas Eve bash at a Boston University-area bar in 1986 for Jewish college students looking for something to do on Christmas Eve (and meeting his own wife in the process). It’s become a Jewish rite-of-passage, filled with stories about some lucky partygoers actually finding their bashert, getting married and “making their own little matzoballs” as Rudnick puts it.

For many families, it’s become a multi-generational tradition. Parents met at a MatzoBall party in decades past, and in recent years their children are attending in hopes of lightning striking a second time.

According to Jewish synagogue franchise,, “Many people are discovering the wisdom of serious dating and focusing on compatibility. A good place to start is in the hub of your local Jewish community.” Nationwide MatzoBall parties are that very hub, where young Jewish singles congregate in a fun, social, party atmosphere and meet other Jewish singles, to expand their social and romantic prospects, sans Internet and dating apps.

MatzoBall Parties/Venues This December 24th

• New York City, Capitale  

• Miami, STORY  

• Ft. Lauderdale, The Vibe-Las Olas    

• Delray Beach, Il Baccio         

• Philadelphia, Rumor  

• Boston, Royale                       

• Dallas, Stirr    

• Los Angeles, TBA      

• Washington, DC, Decades    

What Past MatzoBallers Have to Say:

“Years ago I met a girl when I lived in New York at a MatzoBall event. I dated her for a year thanks to the MatzoBall.” – Paul Heller, Miami, Florida

“I met my boyfriend, Jared, at MatzoBall Miami last year. We met at my friend’s table and just really hit it off.” - Shereidy Mancheno, Miami, Florida

“I want to thank you and the rest of the MatzoBall team for such an amazing event. [My girlfriend] Sydney and I have been dating ever since, and she will be moving to New York to live in the same city as I do once she graduates college this year!!” - Brandon Robinson, New York, New York

I attended the MatzoBall for the fourth consecutive Christmas Eve in Miami, and what I love and value about the event is that even if you do not find love, you can have an incredible time with your friends and form long-lasting, meaningful relationships with others. - Henry Eff, New York, New York

 “My parents both grew up in Philadelphia, and although they lived close to each other in Philly, (and my mom’s eye doctor was my dad’s dad!) they never met until one magical night in Boca Raton. About 30 years ago, my parents both attended the MaztoBall at Club Boca. They met through a mutual friend, and my parents have been happily married for 27 years and have three daughters (we call ourselves matzo babies).” – Blair Cohen, Boca Raton, Florida

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