By Howard T. Brody

While the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Brazil and The Netherlands all have notorious reputations as places to go when you want to get down, there are plenty of places right here in the good old U.S.A. where one can get away just to get jiggy with it. So, go online to your favorite travel website or open your Google maps if you want to take a drive and get ready to visit these six sex-crazed cities for a truly hedonistic experience.

Las Vegas

Could there even be another city that would top this list? As they say, sex sells and when the tourism board came up with the slogan “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas,” they were pretty much serving up sexual getaways on a silver platter. Vegas is a city where as a visitor you don’t  have to wait for the weekend to have the time of your life – any night of the week will do. And since everyone seems to be on vacation when gallivanting around town, they’re all looking for a good time and why shouldn’t they be? With a steady stream of alcohol, a sea of shapely ladies in micro and mini skirts, hard bodied guys on the make, and a mixture of high-end hotel rooms, world class restaurants and a second to none nightlife making the sexual energy flow like an infectious river, Las Vegas is the ideal setting for the perfect sex storm. In addition to the casual hook ups, the city is just an hour away from Pahrump, Nevada, where legal prostitution is available at the world famous Chicken Ranch as well as Sheri’s Ranch and the Love Ranch Cathouse. As one hotel in town puts it in their advertising, it’s just the right amount of wrong. They don’t call this town Sin City for nothing.


Nicknamed “The Magic City,” Miami oozes sexiness from the clear blue waters and white sand beaches of South Beach to the vibrant sights and sounds of Little Havana. Miami is a 

great destination for hot days and even hotter nights. South Beach has been called the American Riviera and an Art Deco Playground. Though not technically legal, because of the large number of European and South American tourists, topless sunbathing is socially acceptable and very common on the beaches in the area. Also it’s not unusual for some of the hotels in the vicinity to allow topless sunbathing by the pool. Yet there's more than sand and colorful buildings to South Beach’s fantasyland. The area offers a diverse mix of world-class boutiques, galleries and stores. It's also a culinary hot spot for everything from gourmet to casual beachside cuisine. Some of the best Cuban restaurants north of Havana are located in Miami and things really heat up when the sun goes down as the city comes alive with an eclectic array of intoxicating beautiful bodies reveling at nightclubs or poolside parties to the wee hours of the morning. The upbeat atmosphere and casting aside of inhibitions – thanks to the alcohol and addictive beat of the Latin rhythm that fills the air – makes Miami the perfect place for a sexual tête-à-tête. Considering there are 9.6% more women than men, four bars per every thousand people, and a population that’s 37% single, it’s The Magic City indeed!

New Orleans

In a city like New Orleans, which is the home to the world’s biggest party in (Mardi Gras) and is nicknamed "The Big Easy" – given when the city was in open violation of prohibition and considered one big speakeasy – one would expect sex clubs to be readily and easy to find. They’re not. N’awlins, as tourists call it, is one of those cities where although there are a number of sex shops with names like Suzette’s Romantic Boutique, Dynamo and Mr. Binky’s Superstore, much of its sex tourism is underground, which is strange considering the debauchery that occurs during Mardi Gras. You can eat sushi off naked dancers at the Penthouse Club, Get Naughty in N’awlins with the world's biggest swingers convention each July, or if you are part of that particular lifestyle, a club called Colette is known to be one of the finer swingers clubs in the city. From “Wicked Wednesdays” to “Pantiless Fridays,” Colette always promises a sexy good time. If that sounds too involved, perhaps club Jasmine is more your speed with special events like lingerie parties, sexy corset parties, pajama parties and more. Still, what's arguably the most exotic and erotic city in the south is charming and seductive all year-round thanks to its amazing Cajun cuisine, trendy and sophisticated jazz and nightclubs in the historic French Quarter and the non-stop high jinks that take place on Bourbon Street.


There's way more to the nation’s number-one ski destination than slaloming down slopes. Sure, the downhill action is great, but so is the going down action. As freezing temperatures make everyone bundle up and hide beneath layers of clothing during the day, the cool mountain air makes it easy to strip down and cuddle up in front of a warm fireplace once the sun goes down. Some of the more self-indulgent locations mix traditional ski lodge essentials with colorful, ultra-modern designs that attract both style-savvy tourists and locals looking for a good time. Since downtown Aspen consists of about a half-dozen city blocks, changing scenery and changing partners is as easy as changing the street you’re on. Sure the white-hot après ski scene makes the city sophisticated and sexy, but whether your preference is lean and athletic, outdoorsy, or alcoholic, Aspen offers plenty of places to hook up. Some of Aspen’s oldest restaurants are home to its liveliest bars and in an old-world setting, the old-school pick up still works. Patios are also a great place to meet as there’s no better backdrop to exchanging smiles with strangers. But underground clubs jamming with big beats are the prime pick-up spots before last call. Because cover charges rarely exist, there’s no disgrace in hitting all of the spots before circling back to one you think has the most promise.

San Diego

San Diegans consistently rank among the most athletic and attractive people in the county; No. 2 and No. 1, respectively, according to a Travel + Leisure poll. In addition to having a famous pier, famous zoo, and Southern California’s most infamous nude beach – Black’s Beach – San Diego’s warm weather, idyllic beaches, and active bar scene makes the city appealing to those looking to get lucky. And while guys outnumber girls five-to-one, there are still plenty of women to go around, especially so if you’ve got a British accent . . . girls will just drop their panties at the first sound of your voice. There’s also plenty of diversity as women in the city are like samples from an international buffet. In addition to European Au Pairs being all over the city, if Asian women are your thing, the University of California at San Diego is the place to prowl. But if you prefer slutty white sorority girls, head over to the San Diego State University area. Mexicans? You’re 20 minutes from Tijuana. And as STRIPLV mentioned in a previous issue, if you can’t get laid in Tijuana, you can’t get laid. In some cases, you don’t even have to leave your hotel. There are some swanky, sophisticated, and seriously sexy hotels in San Diego with amenities that include complimentary wine tasting bars, rooftop pool decks, open-air nightclubs and guest rooms that feature see-through showers, adults-only king sized bunk beds, mirrored ceilings, and stripper poles.

New York

Rounding out our six sexcation destinations is the city never sleeps, and for good reason: Sex is at the very core of the Big Apple. New York City's unique combination of celebrity, creativity, prestige, and power gives the city a distinct energy and appeal to all who are welcomed by Lady Liberty, whether you're a Greenwich Village hipster or a member of the Upper East Side’s high society.

The diversity with the city’s five boroughs (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island) is part of its allure to the millions who live there and the millions more who visit there on an annual basis. It’s the perfect mixture of upscale sexiness and wild, unhinged grittiness, which provides all the ingredients of making a sexually explosive Molotov cocktail. The city's gentlemen's club scene is virtually second to none, and that includes Las Vegas, with nearly 70 clubs catering to both men and women as every major chain has a presence in the city. But it's the unabashed sex scene that puts NYC on the list as it is the place that gave birth to Studio 54 and Plato’s Retreat and today boasts more than a dozen swinger and underground sex clubs with names like the Labyrinth, Bowery Bliss, Submit, Lip Service and Intimate to name a few. And then of course, there is the Museum of Sex, also known as MoSex, located right on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, dedicated to “the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality.”


While arguments can certainly be made for other cities that did not make our dirty half dozen list, there is something else to keep in mind. These days you don’t necessarily have to travel away from your home town to get a little nooky. In today’s world of smart phones, it seems that all you need to do to get laid is download an application like Tinder, swipe right, and voilà, the local Motel 6 that sits two blocks east is a sex destination. But is it really that easy?

Under normal circumstances would you ever consider Columbus, OH, Austin, TX, Seattle, WA or Pittsburgh, PA to be sex destinations? Of course not. Nobody would! However, these cities are among the Top 30 in the U.S. where Tinder users are finding members of the opposite (and same) sex for a close encounter of the horizontal mambo kind. If you were to go by sheer numbers, you would think that the Top 6 Tinder cities would match the Top 6 population centers in the U.S. In some cases they do align, but not all of them.

Top 6 population centers in the U.S.A. 1. New York, NY 2. Los Angeles, CA 3. Chicago, IL 4. Houston, TX 5. Philadelphia, PA 6. Phoenix, AZ Top 6 Tinder cities 1. Los Angeles, CA; 2. New York, NY; 3. Chicago, IL; 4. San Francisco, CA (#13 in population) 5. Boston, MA (#23 in population) 6. Phoenix, AZ.

But there are some things to consider in the numbers. For example, in New York 40% of the population is single, and there are 15.9% more women than men (39% more between the ages of 22 and 29), which gives men a clear advantage in the Big Apple. However, in San Francisco 60% of the population is single, and men outnumber women by 12%, meaning that in The Golden City the ladies get to pick and choose.

At the end of the day, what does it all come down to? Wherever you are, wherever you go, whether it's a well-known destination of decadence and depravity or a wholesome little hole-in-the-wall where rainbows and butterflies are commonplace, if you have an itch, one way or another, you will be able to scratch it. And you’ll be smiling the whole time you do.

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