By Nick Hawk

The number one question I get asked is, where do I find my motivation? I always reply with, where did you lose yours?

I’ve been on a quest since my mid-20s to operate at my full potential, and it took much work to do so. Being a gigolo was some extra motivation because many of my clients look to me for answers. Some may call this realization a “midlife crisis,” but it’s an entire life crisis if you’ve yet to seek necessary development, or have yet to find this “motivation.” Now I do some next-level shit that few people will convince themselves they have the mindset or energy for, but it’s as simple as that. Programming your mind to know that you are more than able to accomplish anything you set out for is a possibility for everyone. Once we’re on a path of operating at our full potential, we understand how necessary it is to test ourselves continually. I’ve been challenging myself for a long time, and with everything I overcome, I become a better human being.

I spent most of my life trying to convince myself that I was special and that I didn’t have to work hard to be good at anything. From creating art or music to being a high-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. A lot of people spend their life convincing themselves they’re not special and they give up. I was fortunate to find drive or guidance that didn’t allow me to do so. I think it was from being brought into this world with money disadvantages while living in a community where most people had much more money than my single mom and her child support checks. I’m able to admit now, that without my English bachelor’s degree and tens of thousands of hours writing that I would not be a good writer, and without the same amount of time put into mixed martial arts, I would not be a Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu black belt, IBJJF Nationals Champion, IBJJF World Champion, IBJJF Pan American Champion or a three-time NAGA Expert Division Champion.

Winning the 2017 Pan American Championship as a brown belt and receiving my black belt on the podium was the greatest day of my life. All the torture and physical and mental challenges paid off. I wrestled for a good chunk of my life and fortunately, most of what I did translate into Brazilain Jiu-Jitsu. I have a very aggressive style. I’m always on the attack, and I never give an inch to my opponent. A lot of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors wait for you to make a mistake, and I think that is a mistake in itself. I’m the one controlling the tie-up. I’m the one attacking, shooting outside singles, snapping my opponent down, tripping and throwing my opponent through the air with various throws and my fireman’s carry. It’s been my favorite move since high school. I will never step off the mat thinking I could’ve done more. I always put in immense and necessary preparation before each bout, but my game really elevated last year when I started taking private lessons with my coach, as well as coaching myself, taking notes and dissecting my game. I also have a pressure passing system I developed to break a locked guard, and have never seen anyone do it. I fold my opponent’s legs over his head with my torso and small their face to their knee until they allow me to pass or go to half guard. I used to be a wrestler, but now I’m much more than that, and I’m comfortable in any position. Some may call the blood, sweat and tears I put into receiving my black belt a sacrifice. I prefer the word trade. There’s nothing I would trade back for that day. I didn’t miss out on anything that would compare to that day. I’m a fucking Robert Drysdale black belt. How dare you ask me where I find my motivation.

Now, where did you lose yours? I guess somewhere between this excuse you call “life” and the poisons you put in your body. It’s sad when someone tells me they don’t have “time” to rest, eat healthy or workout. What the fuck do you have time for? If these aren’t your priorities, you have been sorely misled. Sleeping a few hours a night, eating garbage fast food and working 16 hours a day is not being efficient or productive. You’re operating at a depressed level, and you are accomplishing little. You’re a miserable brain-dead zombie, who continues to make bad decisions. Your creative juices are not flowing. No, you don’t have to go where I go and be a world champion or a black belt, but you do need to understand what a healthy lifestyle and continual challenges do for you. The main reason you work out is to make you feel good, looking good is just a bonus. I recommend doing anything that increases your heart rate and makes you break a sweat for 30 minutes or more, every other day, and if you miss a day, you go the next, no matter what. And the little extra time and money it takes to cook and eat healthily is the best investment you can make in your soul. Once you get on track, you will accomplish more with a six-hour work day than you do with your 16.

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