Teen Steroid Use Alarming



Teen Steroid Use Alarming
Awareness Efforts Increase


Disturbing research findings on “teen steroid use”: A research study conducted by University of Minnesota researchers found that teens are using anabolic steroids and muscle-enhancing substances at higher rates than previously thought. The study found that 5.9 percent of boys in the survey reported using steroids, while the rate among girls was 4.6 percent. The findings were surprising, especially since some of the steroid users were only in seventh or eighth grade. Earlier unrelated studies have found that:

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Research shows that men who actively participate in healthy lifestyle changes experience a higher quality of life as they age, including physical activity and routine visits to the doctor. Serious health complications due to unhealthy aging can affect work stamina, sex drive and energy levels.  Many times, the symptoms of aging are merely a condition of hormone balance, such as andropause, the male menopause.


Are You Husband-Material? Bad Boys & Short Guys, There’s Good News For You!

Are You Husband-Material?
Bad Boys & Short Guys, There’s Good News For You!


Poll on husband material:

Is it true, that you can tell everything you need to know about how a man will treat you, by looking at his relationship with his mother? “Not even close,” say 65% of experts. A poll taken by shows 55% of respondents disagree that a man who has never been married by age 40 likely has a deep-seated fear of commitment or some other undesirable issue to resolve. The vast majority who were surveyed agree that the No. 1 quality that makes a man husband-material is his ability to communicate, followed by honesty and reliability. And, when it comes to finding a husband, experts say the following three qualities matter least to their clients: a man’s height, followed by his religion/ethnicity and then his job.

More than 96% of respondents concur that great husbands are made, not born – so it’s never too late for a guy to live up to his potential. However, a whopping 89% of experts believe that addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling and/or sex disqualify a man from being husband material.

Additional survey findings:
Don’t discount dads. 58% of experts agree that single fathers make great husbands. Say “no” to mama’s boys. 88% say that “mama’s boys” are not husband material. Bad boys can make worthy husbands. 85% agree that a man with a checkered past can evolve into a great, lifelong partner.

Huge Benefits From Quitting Smoking



Huge Benefits From Quitting Smoking
Two new studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine show that smoking remains a huge public health problem in the United States, but smokers who quit between the ages of 25 and 34 regained nearly the same life expectancy as people who had never smoked.  Despite the enormous health benefits of quitting and surveys finding that most smokers (about 70 percent) want to quit, only a small percentage succeed in doing so each year.

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