Psychedelic Drugs and Depression

Researchers in California have discovered that psychedelic drugs like LSD and MDMA (AKA Ecstasy) can help to rewire the brain and might be a new treatment for severe depression. “One of the hallmarks of depression is that the neurites in the prefrontal cortex – a key brain region that regulates emotion, mood, and anxiety those neurites tend to shrivel up,” says Dr. David Olson, who led the research team on this study. This type of brain activity also happens in cases of post-traumatic stress, and addiction. Ketamine, another type of illegal hallucinogenic drug, has been tested as a nasal spray for the treatment of mental illness. It has been shown to reduce suicidal impulses dramatically. The problem with any of these going mainstream is the potential for abuse as too much use of Ketamine can result in psychosis.

Perio-Cardio Disease

There is substantial scientific evidence that many health problems start with your mouth. We shouldn’t have to tell you to keep up with dental hygiene, but it may be more critical now than ever. Perio-cardio disease is an inflammatory disease of gums and tissues. The bacteria from this disease can spread to the rest of the body causing numerous ailments. Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria travels to the heart where it can cause blockages. If you are experiencing bad breath, it may be a sign that you have bacteria gathering on your tongue and hiding in between your teeth. If the bacteria builds up, there is strong medical evidence that it could lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, and acid reflux disease. The best thing you can do to combat this from happening is to brush and floss regularly, eat a healthy diet, reduce stress, refrain from smoking tobacco, and visit your dentist often.


The home genetic testing kit has been wildly popular with scads of people ordering it for themselves. One kit will test for your cultural heritage, and the other will test your health and tell you what conditions you may be predisposed to getting such as cancer, and Alzheimer’s. Scientists are mixed on whether or not they think this is good for us. While they do recognize that finding out that you are at risk for life-threatening conditions could prompt a person to make positive changes to their lifestyle, it is possible that it could offer false hope to patients. Some cases have been reported of customers ordering the $200 kit to test for the breast cancer gene and getting a false negative. Genetic testing can be an effective way to prevent health problems in the future, but before you spit in the tube and do the test yourself, you might be better served having an actual medical professional do the testing for you.




What is ASMR?
Have you ever felt tingles in your head and deeply relaxed while getting a haircut, or getting your hair washed, or listening to someone talk in a gentle manner? If so, then you have probably experienced Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR).

ASMR is becoming increasingly popular and has become a YouTube phenomenon, with artists like Cherry Crush and Tingle Belle garnishing millions of views on their videos as it seems to help people fall asleep.

ASMR is described as a variety of soothing sensations due to gentle stimuli (e.g., whispering, soft talking, light touches, methodical sounds). Some physical sensations associated with ASMR might be:  tingles, chills, and waves in the head, neck, spine, and throughout the rest of the body. Some psychological sensations associated with ASMR might be good feelings of euphoria, happiness, comfort, calmness, peacefulness, relaxation, restfulness, and sleepiness, which leaves some devotees with what they call a “brain orgasm.”

ASMR stimuli include auditory, visual and tactile experiences while non-sexual, ASMR triggers can be anything that gives a person “that tingling sensation that starts in the scalp and moves throughout the body.” It creates a blissful calm similar to that of Reiki.

“The scientific community has only recently delved into the ASMR movement,” Dr. Kat. said. “While many people have positive reactions to ASMR triggers, many others aren’t affected at all. And some have negative reactions to the stimuli. However, there is an opportunity to take ASMR experiences to the next level and explore how the reaction to certain stimuli could be translated to the bedroom and enhance arousal and orgasm for many couples.”

Summer is here and the harsh sunrays are in full effect. While most enjoy basking in the warm weather, there are several negative outcomes related to extended sun exposure – including premature aging.

“Sun exposure can increase the rate of skin wrinkling, dark aging marks and skin cancer, all of which are negative tendencies and health concerns related to overexposure and premature aging. It’s crucial to protect your skin on a daily basis to maintain healthy, youthful looking skin.

Here are a few ways to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays: 

• PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: The clothes you wear on a daily basis can reduce the effect of the sun’s rays on your body. Outdoor enthusiasts should look for clothing containing a high Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). Similar to Sun Protection Factor (SPF), UPF demonstrates how effectively fabrics shield skin from ultraviolet rays. The higher the UPF number, the better the protection.

• HATS:  While all skin is subject to photodamage from sun exposure, the skin on the face and surrounding area is typically more sensitive. A wide brimmed hat can protect both the neck and face.

• QUALITY SUNSCREEN:  Sunscreen should be used on a daily basis, regardless of intended sun exposure to protect skin. When spending an extended period of time in the sun, reapply sunscreen of at least SPF 15 often. Look for sunscreens that protect against both Ultraviolet A and B radiation for complete protection against aging and wrinkling of the skin, along with sunburn.


It is that time of year: The pools are open for business. In Las Vegas, that means thousands of people gathering at resort pools enjoying the sun and fun of Las Vegas.  Have you ever noticed in these pools that there is generally not a line in the restrooms— much unlike the nightclubs, where there’s always a long line? There is a stark contrast between the two. Do you think people just do not urinate as much during the day, or could it possibly be they are using the pool as their toilet?

Because these public pools are mandated by health standards to use chlorine, there are some potential pitfalls. A new study shows that uric acid in urine mixed with chlorine generates potentially hazardous “volatile disinfection byproducts” (DBPs).  Chlorination is used primarily to prevent pathogenic microorganisms from growing.  The disinfection byproducts include cyanogen chloride (CNCl) and trichloramine (NCl3). CNCl is a toxic compound that affects many organs, including the lungs, heart, and the central nervous system, by inhalation. It is also classified as a chemical warfare agent. NCl3 has been associated with acute lung injury and accidental, occupational or recreational exposures to chlorine-based disinfectants. Previous research had already shown that certain airborne contaminants are created when chlorine reacts with sweat and urine in indoor swimming pools. These new studies show that uric acid from urine is an efficient precursor to the formation of the DBPs. A professor of civil engineering at Purdue University, Ernest R. Blatchley III, says: “Given the uric acid introduction to pools is attributable to urination, the findings indicate important benefits to pool water and air chemistry that could result from improved hygiene habits on the part of swimmers.” A common misconception with the swimming community is that urination in pools is an acceptable practice; although, signs and placards are posted in many pools to encourage proper hygiene. It is also well known that many swimmers ignore these warnings;  particularly among these are competitive swimmers. Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps proves this by stating: “Chlorine kills it [urine].”

As for how dangerous these disinfection byproducts are, the researchers found that, in a worst-case scenario, urine in a pool might lead to about 30 parts per billion of CNCl, which is well below the 70 parts per billion used as the maximum cyanogen concentration allowed in drinking water, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Researchers were not looking at pool water utilized by 2,000 to 3,000 people in a day, such as we have here in Las Vegas. That number may far exceed the 70 parts per billion. Research should be done on this to determine the unknown hazards of these “day club” pools.  

We are not suggesting that you give up swimming or relaxing by the water. The ocean is only a one-hour flight or 4-hour drive away, and Lake Mead is even closer. If you use your home pool, you can ensure a much lower exposure to these toxic metabolites by not urinating in your pool, or allowing others to do so.  You may also choose a salt water system for your pool, or as Dr. Joseph Mercola recommends: “One of the best solutions is not to chlorinate your pool and just use a maintenance shock treatment every five to six days, which would kill the algae buildup.” You can minimize the dangers of exposure by not attending these day pool parties too often. And showering with soap and water after getting out of the pool – especially if it is a public pool is recommended.





Sex feels good while you’re having it — and afterwards too. But did you know it can actually make you look and feel younger? And research now shows that it not only improves your cardiovascular health, but boosts immunity, reduces stress (of course), improves sleep (duh) and even protects against prostate cancer! And here’s the icing on top: A 25-year study from Duke University has found that the more sex you have, the longer you’ll live. We’ve found the fountain of youth, people!


SUGAR: When you consume sugar, your blood’s glucose levels shoot up, stimulating the release of natural body-producing insulin. The upper may feel good, but not for your testosterone production, according to a study from Irish and American researchers. It’s part of what makes you pitch a tent first thing in the morning: It’s your T levels spiking because you haven’t eaten for so many hours throughout the night.

NOT ENOUGH SUNLIGHT: Without enough vitamin D from either your diet or sun exposure (just 15 minutes a day), your body’s T levels can reduce by 20% or more.

TOO MUCH RUNNING: T levels can drop by 17% from running 40+ miles per week.

NOT ENOUGH SLEEP: Another 10% reduction of T levels occurs from sleeping five hours or less a night (even for a few days).


A new study from the U.K. suggests that people born with a naturally extroverted personality are able to fight off illness by being friendly. They may simply be less likely to get sick because their stronger expression of genes involved in inflammation actually help keep infections at bay. Sadly, for people who are more conscientious, more thorough, careful and organized, the opposite may be true. Researchers say those qualities, which may be strengths in other areas of life, may make them more susceptible to illness. Co-author Steven W. Cole, Ph.D., has a theory that extroverts are more likely to put themselves in stressful situations, activating their immune systems, which in return protects them from illness. Another theory is that the immune system you develop in your very early years could determine your personality.



Antioxidants play an important role when it comes to making the most of our training. They are the superheroes of the supplement family and considered the front line of defense against free radicals, which can cause cell damage. Antioxidants help to prevent injuries while aiding in your body’s natural recovery process. They also help decrease fatigue and improve performance and body composition while training (not to mention, they help to reduce the aging process).


When you exercise, your body uses vitamin B. It is the energy vitamin, playing an important role in the natural process your body uses to transfer energy from food to the body. Vitamin B is a necessary supplement to take in order to maximize your workout.  Without enough, you will end up fatigued and unable to perform your very best.


Exercising can cause oxidative stress, creating inflammation and fatigue. Antioxidants like vitamin E can reduce inflammation and aid in injury prevention and treatment as well as antioxidants selenium, green tea, reduced glutathione, NAC and vitamin C.  Additionally taking of 400-mg vitamin C daily has been shown to reduce post-exercise pain and inflammation.


It has been shown that calcium can play a key role in body weight regulation (most importantly fat metabolism, which can possibly affect energy use and appetite suppression). Some studies have shown high intake of calcium supplementation to hinder weight and fat re-gain; yet when calcium was increased via dairy, this did not hold true.


Chromium is considered the fat burner, in that it helps to increase insulin sensitivity, giving your body the ability to burn off body fat. Chromium picolinate has been shown to aid in achieving an optimum body muscle mass composition.


Many people are zinc deficient, which can be problematic for athletes since it affects more than 100 fundamentally important enzymes covering almost every body function. By supplementing with zinc, one can increase the secretion of growth hormone and IGF-I, as well as testosterone plasma and sperm count.


Magnesium is the number one mineral deficiency that is seen.  Therefore it is important to get your magnesium level checked. Magnesium supplementation has been shown to increase protein synthesis and strength.


Athletes can greatly reduce their potassium levels while working out through loss of electrolytes from sweating. Even mild potassium deficiency can lessen your performance due to fatigue, and extreme deficiency can lead to cardiac problems.


Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is a wonderful anti-inflammatory. It also aids in maintaining, repairing and regenerating musculoskeletal tissues, while recycling other antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E and glutathione.

Vitamin supplementation can be tricky, with a lot of advice out there and most of it unfounded and without regulation. It is strongly advised to discuss supplementation with your physician.




Viagra A New Cancer Cure?

The medical college of Georgia at Augusta University may have found a new use for that little blue pill. They conducted an animal model and found that small daily doses of Viagra significantly reduced the formations of polyps, an abnormal clump of cells in the lining of the intestines that can lead to the third leading cause of cancer death, colorectal cancer. Viagra is best known for its ability to relax the smooth muscle cells around blood vessels facilitating more blood flow, which is how it can help with both erectile dysfunction and hypertension. In this study, scientists found that the doses of Viagra increased the levels of chemicals known to infect the lining of the intestines. These chemicals promote the production of normal healthy cells and limit the production of the fast-growing unhealthy cells that lead to cancer. They are hoping this breakthrough can help combat this disease, which is one of the most common and deadly cancer diagnoses.

Fat is Back

Much to our delight, fat is now once again a welcome part of our diets. There is one small rule of thumb that the American Heart Association researchers want you to remember: The most beneficial fats to add back to your diet are the plant-based ones found in vegetable oils, avocados, nuts and seeds. They followed a research group for over 22 years and found that those who ate more plant-based fats than animal ones had a 16% lower chance of dying from heart disease while the group that ate a diet high in animal fats had a 21% higher chance of dying from heart disease. It doesn’t mean you have to give up the eggs, meat and cheese all together though, however; restructure your diet to include more plant-based fats and limit animal fats to find a new balance for your health.

Pick the Window Seat to Steer Clear of Germs

A group of researchers followed a cluster of flights, passengers and crew to find where the most germs were spread during the time of travel. They analyzed how bacteria spread around the plane during the time of travel. Those seated in the aisle of the aircraft were most exposed to the most germs from fellow passengers and the crew as they circulated the plane. Those seated in the window seats were exposed to least. The window seat is not only a better view, but it’s also a healthier choice for travel, so take in the sights while you fly.

Short Bursts of Exercise can boost Long-Term Health

Dr. William Kraus cardiologist and professor of the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute and his team studied 4,800 adults 40 years old and up for over four years. They found that short bursts of physical activity can add up and reap some significant health benefits. Ideally, we should all aim for 30 minutes a day of exercise, but Dr. Kraus says that even if you break that up throughout the day by taking a short brisk walk, or jog can have the same health benefits as one solid 30-minute workout. “We want to state it clearly and simply,” Kraus said. “All moderate and vigorous activity can count toward reducing your risk of death, even if it’s broken up into short sessions.” Though researchers did also want to point out another fact that might just help you to get more sweat time in. People who got less than 20 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity each day had the highest risk of early death. Those that racked up 60 minutes a day cut their risk by 57%, and those hitting over a 100 minute or more shaved off 76% of the risk of death from chronic illness according to the study.

Benefits of Strength Training

A good cardio session is always beneficial, but adding some weights to your workout is a great way to increase your results and benefit your health. Weight training has three key benefits that up your game in a majorly productive way.

Boost Mental Resiliency

Researchers have found that regular weight training can combat anxiety, decrease depression and it also boosts mental resiliency. They also found that those weight training on a regular basis had better body image than those that didn’t, even if the individual hadn’t seen any physical results from their training yet.

A longer lifespan

Those that routinely work in pumping iron have better cardiovascular health with findings showing that weight training boosts good cholesterol, and improves blood pressure. Training also shows a dramatic reduction in cancer risks as well as controlling blood sugar levels.

Improving mobility, and lowing the risk of injury

An excellent muscle base, which weight training provides, is essential for all movement, balance and mobility. If one muscle is too weak, it can put pressure on the others and cause pain and/or injury. Strength training also helps to increase flexibility. Incorporating exercises that emphasize muscle lengthening like the lowering phase of a squat are twice as effective in increasing flexibility as opposed to a static stretch. By taking your joints through a full range of motion during strength, exercises will improve their range of motion over time.






By Dr. John J. Pierce, DO, ACOEP, ABAARM


In our fast-paced, modern world, busy schedules are the norm for patients and doctors alike. This often leads to rushed and incomplete doctor’s appointments, many times that are only five or 10 minutes long. However, more in-depth patient examinations are crucial not only to proper treatment and results, but also to prevent future health issues. By utilizing a holistic approach to wellness, physicians must complete a comprehensive patient assessment and consider the whole body in an effort to achieve optimal health, serving the ultimate goal of a balanced lifestyle. Wellness Expert Dr. John Pierce of Ageless Forever discusses how an integrative approach to medicine can lead to better results and healthier patients.

“When assessing a patient’s needs, it’s critical to take a comprehensive look at their physical wellbeing,” says Dr. Pierce. “When examining patients, physicians should be looking at not only the problem area, but anything that may be a contributing factor. Proper nutrition, exercise and a balance of hormones are all imperative to an integrative approach to wellness.”

At Ageless Forever, Dr. Pierce creates individual patient plans based on the specific characteristics and symptoms of each patient. By doing so, patients receive better results and treatment that is tailored to their needs, rather than a uniform treatment plan. Dr. Pierce specializes in providing age management programs that guide patients’ lifestyles and leads to increased longevity and better a quality of life.

“By guiding patients through individualized wellness plans, we create a better balance and allow patients to enjoy a quality of life they would otherwise not have been able to achieve,” continues Dr. Pierce. “Our patients see great results because we combine nutritional supplementation, hormone balancing and guidelines for diet and exercise that create a comprehensive and preventative approach to health.”

Dr. John J. Pierce, DO, acoep, abaarm • Ageless Forever Anti-Aging and Longevity Clinic located at 6020 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite C  Las Vegas, NV 89118 • 702-838-1994



The secret to super flat and defined abs is: diet, diet, diet. There’s a saying that every gym junkie knows, and it’s this: Abs are made in the kitchen. And, it’s true!  You can do 1,000 sit-ups, but you’ll still have that layer of flab if your diet isn’t on point. So eat super clean, keep your digestion moving with tons of fresh fruits and veggies, and TRAIN! The best moves for getting a six-pack are weighted sit-ups and reverse crunches. I like to stick a weighted sand ball between my knees and do reverse crunches, and then use that same ball held over head for sit-ups. Start with baby steps, using no weight, then increase your weights gradually! Add a weighted ball to your bicycle crunches, too. These super simple, weighted moves took my abs to the next level, so I’m sure they’ll do the same for yours!


1 • Four cans or more a day makes you 30% more likely to suffer from depression.

2 • More than one can a day can increase risk of stroke and heart attack by 43%.

3 • It’s associated with an increased risk of kidney decline.

4 • It’s linked to a 34% higher risk of metabolic syndrome.

YOUNG MEN’S NEW PARTY DRUG conducted a survey erectile dysfunction drug use in men and found an alarming number of young men are using drugs like Viagra and Cialis recreationally. In fact, a majority of young users do not suffer from erectile dysfunction, but instead, use it as a party drug.

It is perfectly fine to use erectile dysfunction pills if you suffer from ED. Men that use the pills twice or more a week, however, tend to get them with a doctor’s prescription.

In the survey, less than 50% of men claimed to get their ED pills prescribed by a doctor, 8.2% admit to pretending to their doctor that they have erectile dysfunction, with 20% of men confessing to buying the pills online and 16% admitting to buying the pills from drug dealers.


They consider it just another party drug to use when out drinking and partying on molly or cocaine, which tend to cause erectile dysfunction. Viagra and Cialis also give them a long-lasting erection and allows them to get an erection after orgasm quicker.

But users can become dependent on the pills and physiologically grow to depend on them for erections, and using them for this reason can create performance anxiety.

Pills bought through other channels can be counterfeit, and in some countries, buying them online is illegal. Doctors also check for high blood pressure, liver problems and kidney problems.

Long-term misuse of the drug can actually cause erectile dysfunction in men who hadn’t previously suffered from it.

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