Brett Feinstein, Philip Peredo and Doug Leferovich have brought a brand new, edgy and exciting Comedy and Variety Show to Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club. Every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm, the show features hilarious stand-up comedians, a variety of magicians, sexy burlesque dancers and much more – with a new lineup of comedians from all over the country featured each night.

The plush 300-seat state-of-the-art showroom is situated off from the main club and has an amazing atmosphere. Blue and red dominate the area and the lighting makes it perfect for the Comedy Hour and its talented performers.


The Sapphire Comedy Hour is the brainchild of Brett Feinstein, owner of Sapphire Entertainment, who has produced and directed the show with comedy expert, Philip Peredo, president of TickleMe Entertainment and radio show host on TickleMe Radio – appearing with guest comedians, and who books many of the show’s comedic acts; and co-produced by Douglas Leferovich, who acts as a creative director, magic consultant, and if you’re lucky, some nights as a featured performer. Douglas, or “Lefty” as he’s known, is the comical sidekick for Murray SawChuck in “Laugh Factory presents: Murray ‘Celebrity Magician’” at the Tropicana, and has worked as a creative director, set designer, and production director on the shows: Frank Marino’s “Divas”, Human Nature, Wayne Newton’s “Once Before I Go”, and Tommy Wind’s “Impact”.

The atmosphere of the showroom is amazing and has a large stage with a catwalk that brings entertainers right out into the audience. We were able to sit in the plush VIP seats at the end of the catwalk, and were served drinks by a beautiful waitress, as we sat back to enjoy the show. Much to our surprise, we were entertained by a sexy smorgasbord of not only comedians, but an incredible magician, and even a famous burlesque queen. Lots of video screens surround the room and are visible from every seat in the house, and the sound was incredible.

Knowing that the entire show is different every Friday and Saturday, we were excited that Kalani Kokonuts, the burlesque queen, performed a very sexy S&M style striptease that night. Born in Denver, Colorado, and raised in Hawaii until age ten, Kalani and her family then moved to Alaska, where she started dancing in clubs at eighteen. At age 21, she packed all her costumes into the back of a truck and drove from Alaska to Las Vegas, where she lives today. She landed a job and learned to perform burlesque at the World Famous Palomino Club. She claims her goal is to get the audience’s attention in less than five seconds. Donning a black leather dominatrix costume in spiked boots and pasties that left the rest of her beautiful breasts exposed, she certainly had every man in the crowd standing at attention. Kalani won Miss Exotic World 2009 and is a 5-time Playboy centerfold. Kalani also fills in for Angel Porrino in Absinthe at Caesars Palace.

In between the comedy, we were also entertained by a spectacular magician, Mon Dre, who kept the crowd gasping in surprise as he made three pigeons appear out of nowhere. His finale wasn’t making another pigeon appear, but a white cat! The audience just loved it. Based in Las Vegas, he has been a frequent performer and a crowd favorite with his smooth and sexy side of magic. Mon Dre has won multiple awards including the prestigious Siegfried and Roy Bronze Lion’s Head and won first place in the Grand Prix Magiques De Monte Carlo, an invitation-only magic competition sponsored by Prince Albert and the Royal Family of Monaco.

Our host for the night was comedian Sara Millett, who has been considered one of Vegas’ funniest female comedians. She also has co-hosted the TickleMe Radio Show along with Philip Peredo. Other performers appearing on the cover photo include Sean Carlin and Danny Grozdich.

For a fun evening of laughter, talent, sexy females in scanty outfits and male dancers adding spice to the show, you should try the Sapphire Comedy Hour. After the show, you can meet the performers and have pictures taken with them. When not in use for the Comedy Hour, the showroom is also home to Monday Night Football, UFC Viewing Parties, Boxing Viewing Parties, The Men of Sapphire Male Revue, and many other private functions that range from concerts to TV shows.

Brett Feinstein:

“For years, I’ve had various ideas for a show in the Showroom at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club.  I’ve been a manager here for ten years and my father, Peter, is the managing partner. It wasn’t until I started hosting my own radio show called the Hot Head Happy Hour, which is every Friday at 7pm on KLAV 1230am, that I began meeting tons of talented performers who were all looking for places to perform in Vegas. Phil Peredo, the Head Honcho at Tickle Me Entertainment, (which manages many local comedians and touring headliners), came on the HHHH as a guest. He expressed an interest to have his comedians perform in the Showroom at Sapphire. After several meetings and the green light, we decided to put on a comedy show with several comedians performing. I then invited a very talented guy to come checkout the show. I had just actually met him at Sapphire a couple weeks before. It was Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich, who is a magician in the Murray SawChuck Celebrity Magician Show at the Tropicana. After seeing the show, “Lefty’s” ideas for the show were boundless. The next week, we implemented several of his ideas to make it more professional and I also asked him to perform some of his own magic in the show. Presto! It was now a variety show with class. I started contacting other guests from the HHHH and next thing you know, we have Seth Grabel performing, (the longest-running magician on America’s Got Talent). Then I put up a sign in the ladies locker room at Sapphire for burlesque acts. We found Kalani Kokonuts, who creates all her own costumes and also performs in Absinthe, the show on the Strip. From there, the show kept growing, both with additional performers auditioning weekly for a spot and an audience that was hungry for surprises and lots of laughter. The show is like a snowball rolling down a mountain, it’s gaining momentum, gathering talent, growing in size, and when it gets big enough, everybody will see it coming and duck inside the Sapphire Showroom for cover.”

Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich:
“I first met Brett when I was attending a friend’s bachelor party at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club.  He was a big fan of magic, so I talked to him about performing magic all my life and also consulting on a variety of shows up and down the Strip. He invited us all to be on his radio show, and the following week, he invited me down to check out his newest project, adding a weekly comedy show to Sapphire’s 300-seat state-of-the-art showroom, separate from the gentlemen’s club side.  Afterwards, we went to dinner and I was bursting with ideas.  I thought the show was good, and the idea of a comedy show in a gentlemen’s club was very clever, but I thought there was so much more that could be done to make the show come to life and be different than other typical comedy club shows.  After talking Brett’s ear off for hours, I guess you could say he turned me loose on the show!  I came in and built lighting cues that were specific to when the comedians were performing on stage and also when they entered and exited the stage.  We then started to add variety acts (magicians, ventriloquists, jugglers, etc.) to the show, as well as world-renowned burlesque acts, so I worked with Sapphire’s head tech guy to create different lighting looks for the variety acts.  We then created a logo for the show, which was displayed on the multiple screens around the stage, and we now have the comedian’s names appear on the screens when they first come out.  I also decided with Brett that since the comedy show was under the same roof as the gentlemen’s club, we should get some of the gorgeous entertainers next door to walk the comedians out on stage, to add a little extra sex appeal to the show, and to give them a preview of what to expect next door after the show.  Brett always jokes with me that I brought the “professionalism and class” to the show.  I think from my years of performing on stage, and consulting on shows behind the scenes, the foundation was there, we just needed to add elements to make our show as professional as a show that you would see in any casino on the Strip.”

“We’ve already added on Saturdays, and in the future, as the word of mouth continues to build, we might add filming and editing the shows to put them on television, as a weekly comedy/variety hour special.  The sky’s the limit.  The show is definitely catching on and creating a buzz in the entertainment community, as after months of co-producing the show with Brett and Phil, comedians and variety acts are now contacting us to be a part of the show.  I always thought the idea was good…for me it was making the idea great!”

Sapphire Comedy Hour
Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club • 3025 Industrial Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89109 • 702-869-0003

Showtimes are at 8pm every Friday and Saturday evening
(except for special event nights on certain Saturdays - call for availability)
in the Sapphire Showroom. Tickets include a complimentary limo from the Strip. After the Comedy Hour show, customers are free to access Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club without additional admission fees.
Shows are 21 and over. Dinner and drinks available.






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