SPORTS - Blood Will Spill - UFC 202: Diaz vs McGregor



By Jack Wellington



Irish spitfire fighter, Conor McGregor, has spouted controversy, as one of the biggest shit-talkers in the MMA.

No matter what the subject—a firestorm follows the path of this feisty fighter from Dublin. Whether it’s his retirement, arguments with UFC President Dana White, or even brazenly posing nude for ESPN’s Body Issue 2016.  

With a series of 15 straight wins, an overzealously confident featherweight champion, McGregor, elected to move up to the welterweight division to fight against late replacement Nate Diaz at the UFC 196 main event this past March. McGregor amped up in weight, then heavily bloodied Diaz in what was initially an exciting back-and-forth battle. The Dubliner’s early lead was taken over in the second round, with Diaz finishing the bout in victory with a rear naked choke.  

Readying for his rematch against Nate Diaz, McGregor has remained a steady 170-lbs and prepared for a rematch that was scheduled for UFC 200—but McGregor didn’t play nicely when it came to doing his end of promo for the league. The fight was scratched when he refused to fly to Vegas from Iceland for promotional work. More spewing ensued, with McGregor’s enormous ego demanding respect when he spouted to White: “I feel I carried 2015 on my back. I feel like the reason there’s a $4.2 billion price tag on the company is because of me. I believe that’s what the Chinese estimate my net worth at: $4.2 billion.” Whether the price tag is accurate or not, McGregor was the top draw, along with Rhonda Rousey for 2015.

With McGregor hungry for redemption and Diaz ready to silence “The Notorious” one once and for all, the two fighters hammered out a deal with UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta and UFC President Dana White. It’s about the money, after all. And so a rematch was scheduled: UFC 220 on Aug. 20, 2016, to take place at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena.

Stockton, Californian, Diaz, has won three of his last four octagonal fights at the age of 31 and at 170 and 155 pounds. Dublin’s McGregor will be fighting at the age of 28.

As far as ticket prices go, fights have always been sky-high, but this figure really prompted publication: Starting prices begin at $58 (sounds reasonable), and a top ticket price of $18,884?! (Yep, you read that right!) That one-and-only ticket offered, as we go to print, will get you a front row seat in Suite 3.  

Think I’ll make me some popcorn and enjoy my view from the comfort of my couch and order it up on Pay-Per-View.

RAIDING THE ROCK VAULT - The Rock 'n Roll Gods Unplug, But For a Moment



By Marla Santos

“Are you ready to rock?” It is a sad day when we can’t rock to simply the best rock show in Vegas! The hit two-hour classic rock concert experience, Raiding The Rock Vault, ended its residency at the Tropicana Theater on July 31st. After opening in March 2013 at the then Las Vegas Hilton, the popular show moved to the Tropicana in 2014. The one-of-a-kind rock ‘n roll show consistently ranked the “No. 1 Performance in Las Vegas” on TripAdvisor for over 12 months, and was voted “Best of Las Vegas” in 2014 and 2015 by readers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The show brought the history of rock ‘n’ roll from the ‘60s through 1990 to our ears, minds and hearts in a live rock concert of classic rock anthems performed by the ‘real deal’ veteran rockers from highly-esteemed rock bands. 

Since Raiding The Rock Vault hit the stage, words of praise and enthusiasm in the press and on the street were full-on ‘exceptional.’ Lead vocalist Paul Shortino, who is now a Las Vegas resident, has said how much the whole group enjoyed performing in the show and what a thrill it was to be on stage playing and singing these rock anthems. Much of the appeal was witnessing these talented performers who all seemed to genuinely be having a great time, which brought in calls from other musical greats wanting to sit-in and perform as guest appearances. This indeed was a unique idea, having real rock stars from a variety of bands come together to perform in one show.

Raiding the Rock Vault was comprised of members of some of the greatest rock bands in history. The show has featured Howard Leese [Lead Guitar] (Heart), Robin McAuley [Lead Vocals] (MSG, Survivor), Paul Shortino [Lead Vocals] (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot), Jay Schellen [Drums] (Badfinger, Asia), Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Andrew Freeman [Lead Vocals and Guitars] (Lynch Mob, The Offspring), Rowan Robertson [Guitar] (Dio), Michael T. Ross [Keyboards] (Lita Ford, Hardline), Hugh McDonald [Bass] (Bon Jovi), Mark Boals [Lead Vocals] (Dokken, Ted Nugent), and vocalists Stephanie Calvert (Starship) and Cian Coey (Meat Loaf).

It’s no wonder the show had been an all-time Vegas favorite. The unique high energy, full-on rock concert, with state of the art sound and lighting, and two video screens that showed photos of the original bands, as well as rock and roll trivia, brought old and new facts to light, filled a niche. The rockers performed the classic anthems from legendary bands like: The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Eagles, Queen, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Journey, Heart, Free, Aerosmith and more, boasting they had “The Greatest Set List Ever.”

Fans range in age from very young to the 40-and-over headbangers. The original classic rockers who grew up on this very music saw the show and then couldn’t wait to come back and bring their friends, children, and even grandchildren, to enjoy the fabulous show that was ever-changing, bringing in new musicians and singers to sit in and jam live. It was the first time that many young people could actually hear, see and experience what a rock concert was actually like. Everyone, no matter what age, sang along, danced, and left with a feeling of happy euphoria.  

Many diehard fans did more than one return visit to the show. One fan, Ernie from Big Bear Lake, California, claims to have seen the show 48 times. Recently, I took some friends visiting from Michigan to see the show. And since every song in the show is like a rock anthem, they were instantly recognizable, creating a theater full of fans singing along all night to mega-hits like: “Juke Box Hero”, “Hotel California”, “Smoke On The Water”, as well as Robin McAuley performing Queen’s “We Are the Champions”, Paul Shortino’s version of Jim Morrison’s “Light My Fire” and Andrew Freeman closing the show with Van Halen’s “Jump”, which were hits with my guests. There wasn’t one song they didn’t know! This mesmerizing production had it all. The songs, the band, the screaming guitar solos, powerful vocal performances, incredible sound system, lighting, video, dancers, and best of all, it was a whopping case of happiness and nostalgia. Let’s hope Raiding The Rock Vault finds a new spot to rock-the-house-out here in Vegas really soon!




MK Blondie shoot by Santodonato coming soon in STRIPLV Magazine


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Song: Hypnotic 
Artist: Zella Day

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Not only do these headphones come with freakin’ lasers—they pulsate to your favorite jams. Using lasers, premium audio drivers, and smartphone integration, Glow joins the power of music and self expression in one premium sound headphones with high-end Audio Drivers. With the use of the Glow App for iOS or Android, neon fans can control the laser intensity, to go bold or subtle, depending on your mood. It also comes with an intuitive touch button that lets you respond to texts, snap pictures and use voice commands to stay connected like no other headphone. Initially started through a kickstarter campaign, the company has already fulfilled their campaign orders this spring and is currently taking pre-orders for the main public. Available in colors: red, green and blue. Priced at $199.

0816trendingcar1mosaic 0816trendingcar2mosaic
Get ready to hand over the reins—Rolls-Royce is paving the way to luxurious comfort in a driverless vehicle. The Sci-Fi flicks of the past are truly becoming our near future. It’s not just a faint concept designed by “Trekkie” geeks who larp in the streets, pretending to be one of the characters from Star Trek. Rolls-Royce unveiled their VISION NEXT 100 at the Roundhouse in London this summer, as the company’s first autonomous automobile. Measuring at just over 19-feet long, and powered by a zero emissions powertrain, the VISION NEXT 100 appears to be floating, no matter from what angle you view it, and whether it’s moving or parked. The design features a very roomy cabin area, which allows for extra legroom, as there is no driver, chauffeur, or even steering wheel nor dashboard. Without a chauffeur to direct, Rolls-Royce added the “Voice of Eleanor,” a Siri-like, artificially-intelligent virtual assistant and chauffeur, named after Eleanor Thornton, a British actress and model who died nearly a century ago. Eleanor advises her owners of schedules, itineraries and possible options before they leave. A street date and starting price have not yet been announced.
The highly-anticipated video game, Final Fantasy XV, comes out next month from director Hajime Tabata, with some extra-seductive encounters. “We’re trying to express fantasy as if it was reality within this world,” he said. Sounds like some extra-sexy fantasy joystick time with the beautiful dragoon in iron armor, Aranea. STRIPLV is happy to report to its readers that Tabata confirmed: “Unrelated to the main story, you’ll have numerous contact points with her throughout the game.” Final Fantasy XV will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30, 2016.

In these globally troubled times, it’s hard not to open your social media app without hesitation, for fear of the morning’s tragic hashtags. Sex trafficking, though, is the seedy underbelly of crime that oftentimes people find too difficult to discuss. Right now, it’s estimated that there are 2 million children worldwide involved some way in sex trafficking and slavery. Every 30 seconds, a child is sold into sex slavery. But thank Goodness, there are still kind souls out there, saving lives through Operation Underground Railroad, (O.U.R.) a non-profit organization comprised of highly-skilled ex- Navy Seals, CIA and Special Ops operatives who go to the darkest corners of the world to help local law enforcement liberate child sex slaves and dismantle criminal networks. Founder and CEO of O.U.R., Tim Ballard, began his career at the C.I.A., where he worked cases dealing with terrorism and Latin America. He spent over a decade working as Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security, where he was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and deployed as an undercover operative for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team. The good news? In the past two years of existence, O.U.R. has rescued 543 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 187 traffickers around the world. O.U.R.’s mission is to shine a light on the global epidemic of child sex trafficking, and in doing so, rescue children from slavery and assist law enforcement in the prosecution of trafficking offenders. They then place rescued children in safe havens, providing appropriate recovery aftercare. Check out a film documentary that was recently done on O.U.R., The Abolitionists. O.U.R.’s Shout-out – To the children: Hold on. We are on our way. To the captors and perpetrators: Be afraid. We are coming for you. Join the fight at

American artist, Allen Hirsch, (known for his is inaugural portrait of President Bill Clinton, and his paintings on the covers of TIME and New York magazines and the New York Times), has invented a unique flexible elastic/brace system that allows users to support their phone with just one or two fingers—giving the thumb greater range of motion across the screen. The HandL essentially allows you to wear your phone, thus alleviating the stress or gripping your device and the worries of dropping it. Users immediately feel the relief, while HandL’s lightweight design makes your phone seem like it is floating in your hand. It also doubles as a Landscape and Portrait stand, and comes in a variety of colors and materials for most smartphones.

HIGH-TECH SEX APPEAL - Men's Best Underwear 2016



By Frank Ariveso

An absolute revolution has taken place in the men’s underwear industry. After years of only making sure your tighty-whities or cotton boxers were clean because as your mama always told you: “You never know if you have to go to the hospital,” a whole new world has opened up for men to explore. For generations, mothers and wives bought boxers or Jockeys in the traditional three-packs at the local store, but increasingly, men have taken over the purchasing of underwear for themselves.  

“The proliferation of new underwear labels has spurred a sales increase of more than $2.7 billion,” claims Marshal Cohen, a chief retailing analyst at the NPD Group, a marketing research company in New York. Then Cohen adds: “Every part of what we wear has now become a part of image-building. That includes shoes, your socks, your pants and your underwear.” 

“When we were young, you would never show your underwear. Now, if you don’t show them, you’re just not cool,” says Tommy Hilfiger, who markets his own successful designer brand.  

There are so many technological advances in fabrics and cuts, which can help a guy feel comfortable in varied situations. Underwear is now engineered to aerate, separate, wick, deodorize and adjust body temperature to protect your crown jewels.  

Calvin Klein started making men feel sexy in their briefs in 1992 with their ad campaign using actor Mark Wahlberg, known then as Marky Mark. Photographed by the legendary photographer Herb Ritts, the ad revealed the young Wahlberg wearing nothing but boxer briefs and a backwards baseball cap, right hand firmly affixed on his groin. Then when Armani added soccer stud David Beckham to the mix, revealing his incredible abs and tattoos, women started swooning with ecstasy. The men noticed, and the world of underwear would never be the same.

Boxer briefs do everything underwear should do, plus fill the desire for comfort as the overwhelming national favorite with 40% of the $3.9 billion men’s underwear market. No matter what their age range, men associate the boxer brief with being sexy. Several companies are making boxer briefs with high-tech materials and innovative designs that are comfortable for all-day use, while still keeping everything in place, whether you’re skiing or running. Men now expect more from their underwear – and they should! And celebrity ambassadors (like NBA All-Star Kevin Love and EDM favorite Calvin Harris) continue to give their stamp of approval on men’s designer underwear, making it that much easier for advertising campaigns to market them as not just a luxury—but a wardrobe necessity. David Beckham went one step further, designing his own line of David Beckham “Bodywear Collection” in collaboration with H&M.

Labels such as Sunspel, Handvaerk, Tani, FRIGO, Naked, 2UNDR, SAXX and Bear Skn, Icebreaker, D.HEDRAL and Aussie Bum are all fighting for your dollars, and they don’t come cheap.  

A pair of FRIGO briefs feature an interior pouch designed to lift and display a man’s anatomical endowment to maximum benefit and sell for $100. Think about the codpiece, the genital-enhancing pouches favored by European gentlemen of the Renaissance. It was this really extraordinary display of masculine power and virility.

2UNDR used inspiration from the kangaroo-pouch and features the revolutionary “Joey Pouch” to separate a man’s most valuable assets from bodily contact, providing less chafing and improved airflow, keeping you cool during strenuous activity.

SAXX underwear features a deep pouch that wraps around your stuff, holding it all in place during long runs or extended workouts in the gym. The almost knee-length tight-fitting leg of the SAXX “Kinetics” will keep your thighs from rubbing and chafing. Reviews said the internal mesh panels didn’t interfere or rub while riding a bike, hiking or rock climbing.

PUMP! athletic briefs are great for weightlifting. Their “Blue Steel Brief” is perfect for doing dead lifts and barbell squats. The “Sonic Brief” is made with black mesh, which promotes a stretch-fit and breathability while working on your core.  

Another high-priced brand, Tani, sells a $50 performance “PurSuit” boxer brief made from Superfine Cupro, Japanese Polyester, and Spandex. The brand claims the fabric has “almost magical qualities,” with a built-in moisture management system and drying abilities. 

D.HEDRAL’s design brags to “fit the wearer’s bum perfectly (whether slim, average or large build),” producing some incredible results. The patented design is called “Angle Fit” technology, and it is implemented into every D.HEDRAL pair.

Then there’s “The Royal” by Separatec that has dual pouch technology. Separating the balls from the penis in the dual pouches eliminates stickiness, heat buildup, and moisture. “The Royal” is made with antifungal, antibacterial fabrics, reducing jock itch and fungal growth. 

“Silver” boxer briefs by Naked are made of 99.9% pure-silver that is bonded to nylon thread, giving them a cooling effect. Women are buying the Naked brand for their boyfriends, so at $38 a brief, it makes a welcome gift. 

But possibly the most prolific name in men’s underwear is Calvin Klein.  Their “Cotton Classic Brief” is the epitome of an underwear staple and a must-have. Its simple, sharp design manages to stay soft around the edges, with their iconic waistband branding, completing the look that says sexy and casually comfortable at the same time.

WAYNE NEWTON Up Close and Personal


By Marla Santos
Photography - Erik Kabik

How many chances do you get to see one of the greatest Vegas icons?

Honestly, this is not a typical high energy Vegas show—so go see something else, if that’s what you prefer. But if you appreciate a night of classic Vegas history and enjoy listening to a rockin’ four-piece band accompanying the incredible talent of Wayne Newton, (who plays guitar, trumpet, and my favorite, the fiddle)—then you have to experience this once, or maybe twice, since no two shows are the same.  

There are few entertainers who measure up to Newton’s spectacular musical journey. At his new “Up Close and Personal” show at Bally’s, Newton enters the theater from the back of the room singing, “Viva Las Vegas”, as he walks to the stage. His voice isn’t as strong as it used to be, from years of bronchial asthma and his age, but the audience doesn’t seem to care. They were there to see an icon up close. Videos of Newton with fellow legends, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Jackie Gleason, and Lucile Ball, brought fans back in time, playing priceless moments of Vegas history.

Nicknamed the “Midnight Idol” during the years where he was the highest paid performer in Las Vegas, Newton later graduated into the legendary titles of “Mr. Entertainment” and “Mr. Las Vegas,” and those aren’t easy titles to earn. Yes, there was Liberace and the Rat Pack, but Wayne Newton has spent almost his entire life in Vegas, making him one of the Strip’s most successful entertainers, performing more than 30,000 shows over 40 years in this city. When you say: “Mr. Las Vegas,” you immediately know that it’s Wayne Newton

I remember first seeing Newton back in 1970. We had been given front row tickets, and to tell the truth, I wasn’t thrilled. I wasn’t into the chubby-faced boy who sang “Danke Schoen” at all. But Newton had grown into a very tall and handsome entertainer, and as he continually introduced different instruments that he masterfully played in the show, my appreciation skyrocketed, and by the end of the evening, I was giving him a standing ovation! The whole room was giving him a standing O, and he had earned it!  

“Up Close and Personal” was totally intimate, and very different from the other times I had seen him perform. (Yes, I did purchase tickets to see him again over the years.) With this show, it was almost as if he were sitting in our living room and reminiscing about “the old days,” sharing stories—some that I had heard over the years and some that I hadn’t. I knew that he had sung, “Danke Schoen”, but I didn’t know that it was supposed to be Bobby Darin’s follow-up to his hit, “Mack the Knife”. Darin, who had become a mentor to Newton, told Capitol Records that Newton had the perfect voice for the song, and unless they let Newton record it, he would never record for the label again. Finally Capitol Records relented, and Newton’s “Danke Schoen” became a big hit in 1963. Darin continued working with Newton and recorded another hit, “Red Roses for a Blue Lady” in 1965. In ‘68, Darin started traveling with Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, helping him with his presidential campaign. After Kennedy’s assassination, Newton explained, Darin was so upset that he went on a rampage in a casino and got himself blacklisted from playing Las Vegas. Darin gave away most of his possessions, and spent the next year living in seclusion in a trailer in Big Sur. When he was ready to sing and work again, Newton called the CEO of Howard Hughes Corporation, asking a favor, and succeeded in getting Darin back in the graces of Vegas and back to work. Newton continues the story saying: “If you asked me what I would be doing, if it were not for Bobby Darin, I haven’t the slightest idea.”

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